Select the mesh topology by clicking on one of the icons below. Pick a mesh type that fits you geometry and allows to control the mesh resolution in the important regions.
If you have edited the selected mesh type recently, the parameters of your last session will be loaded automatically into the forms below.
Mesh Topology

Click on icon to select mesh topology

Enter the mesh parameters in the form below. The parameter naming in the sketch is consistent with the form.
Mesh Parameters

In this section the blockMeshDict is printed. You can save it, open it in a new tab or copy it to clipboard. The blockMeshDict file has to be copied to the constant/polyMesh or system (OF>=3.0) folder of you foam case.

Please note: Some browsers add a suffix to the file name instead of overwritting it, e.g. blockMeshDict(1). Make sure, you work with the most recent file.

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